Condair MK5 resistive steam humidifier

This electric steam humidifier delivers accurate humidity control without the expense of replaceable boiling cylinders and simplifies maintenance with its patented scale management system.

The humidifier can operate with mains water to provide ±2%RH control or on demineralised water to offer ±1%RH control. When operating on demineralised water the system’s maintenance requirement is reduced due to a very low level of scale build-up in the boiling cylinder.

When operated on mains water the scale that forms inside the boiling cylinder as the water evaporates is easily removed with the Condair MK5’s patented scale collector tank. Scale that forms on the heating elements detaches during operation and falls into the removable scale collector tank at the bottom of the humidifier.

When required, the system can be drained and this tank emptied of scale quickly and simply without having to open the humidifier’s main casing.

An innovative pumped drain located above the scale collector tank prevents large scale deposits being flushed to drain, avoiding blockages of the drain or drainage pipework.

The system can be controlled via its intuitive interface or connected to a BMS.

Features and benefits

  • No replaceable boiling cylinders for reduced operating costs
  • Patented scale management system for reduced maintenance
  • Close humidity control up to ±1%RH
  • Can be used with mains, demineralised or softened water
  • Quality construction for long operational lifetime

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