New - Condair RS resistive steam humidifier

Condair is launching a new resistive steam humidifier, the Condair RS. It has a patented scale management system that allows easy removal of limescale, resulting in reduced maintenance and extended operational periods between major services.

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New - Condair ME evaporative humidifier & cooler

A new generation of evaporative humidifier, the Condair ME offers low energy humidification and evaporative cooling to an air handling unit or duct. Its innovative and patented features position it firmly as the World’s leading humidifier of its type. A single unit can deliver up to 1,000kg/hr of moisture and 630kW of evaporative cooling to an air stream while operating on less than 0.3kW of electicity. The Condair ME consists of an evaporative module that is located inside the duct, a patented

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