CPD seminars on humidifiers, humidification & psychrometrics

CIBSE-approved CPD seminars on humidity control

Condair offers three CIBSE-accredited CPD training sessions. This means the seminar content has been independently verified to be unbiased, up-to-date and technically accurate.

Each seminar is free of charge and can be delivered either in person at your premises or as an online presentation. When delivered in person, the session is typically scheduled for lunchtime with refreshments being paid for by the presenter. If an online presentation is prefered, it is normally limited to participants from a single company, to encourage interaction and audience engagement. 

As the presentation is CIBSE approved, certificates are sent to all attendees after the event for obtaining CPD points.

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Humidification & Psychrometrics

- An overview of humidity control
- Explanation of psychrometric calculations
- Detailed analysis for all types of humidifiers with the pros and cons of each
- Best practice guide to humidifier selection
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Dehumidification & Psychrometrics

- An overview of process applications
- Dehumidification principles using psychrometric calculations
- Explanation of types of technologies and benefits
- Selecting and sizing data requirements
- How the different technologies compare
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Using Humidifiers For Evaporative Cooling in AHUs

- The psychrometrics of evaporative cooling
- The benefits & limitations of evaporative cooling in air handling units
- Strategies – direct, indirect & exhaust air indirect
- The energy consumption figures from three case studies
- The latest evaporative cooling humidification technologies
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Humidifiers - clear guidance for facilities managers

- An overview of the different humidifier types
- The service requirements for each
- Details of an FM's responsibilities in relation to L8
- Ways to improve an existing system
- Trouble-shooting tips for common humidifier issues
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