RBP direct-room ultrasonic humidifier

These humidifiers offer close humidity control for small areas where no centralised air ventilation system is available. They can be free-standing or wall-mounted and the range includes units that offer from 1 to 8kg/h of humidity.

Control can be either on/off, two-stage or fully modulating, with the possibility to connect a hygrostat or standard control signals.

RBP humidifiers have removable stainless steel covers and incorporate protection against dry running, overheating, overflow and over-voltage.

Cross flow fans provide a high airflow rate and intake air is filtered with a washable coarse air filter.

Optional accessories include wall-mounted brackets and wall-mounted leak trays.

An AquaDrain feature ensures hygienic operation by routinely flushing and draining the water tray and supply lines. This prevents water stagnation and protects against microbial growth.

Features and benefits

  • Low energy humidification for small areas
  • AquaDrain system provides hygienic operation through flush cycles
  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Can be wall-mounted or free-standing.
  • Units range from 1 to 8kg/h on maximum output

Low energy ultrasonic mist humidification

Ultrasonic humidifiers offer extremely low energy humidification

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