Condair PureHum 1000 Pro mobile humidifier

This commercial mobile humidifier is ideal for areas up to 1,000m³ with a maximum output of 2.6L/h. It has a large 50 litre water tank or can be directly plumbed-in to a mains water supply for continuous operation.

Alongside humidification, this unit offers air purification with a fine dust, F7 filter, HEPA H10 and activated carbon filters available.

The unit has a programmable timer to control operation, and a clear touchscreen interface, which displays settings and current room temperature and humidity. Control can be PIN protected to prevent unauthorised access, or controlled remotely via a phone app with its integrated WLAN/wifi module.

Made from high quality UV-resistant plastic and stainless steel, the Purehum 1000 Pro offers robust performance and will not discolour in sunlight.

A UV lamp inside the water tank combats bacterial growth for hygienic operation. When connected to a mains water supply and drain, a flushing feature will automatically cycle water through the unit to ensure water cannot stagnate in the system, further enhancing hygienic operation.

Ideal for museums and art galleries

The Condair PureHum 1000 Pro is frequently used in art galleries and museums. It is easy to use and has a tamper-proof control panel.

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